Meet Our Team

 Hire a team you can trust! Get to know our people, as we work together to deliver a job well done.

James King

As the owner of Clear Cutters Land Clearing, James takes pride in a job well done, going above and beyond for his clients. With outstanding precision and great execution, James will finish the job with nothing short of excellence! Husband, and father of one, James is one of the hardest-working guys you’ll meet out in the field.

Jacob Pruitt

Jacob is a fast learner and as smart as they come. He is probably the hardest worker you will ever meet. He is very athletic, and like Roy, he loves to work out in his spare time. Jacob is also engaged to be married and is a very important part of our team.

Roy Flemming

Roy is a Closet genius, who loves to work out in his free time. He works hard and has great problem-solving skills. Roy is engaged to be married and has a bright future ahead of him.