Site Preparation

Before most building projects can get started whether they be for homes, shops, barns or driveways you will need to have the site prepared for construction. Clearing the site, grading, addressing drainage issues and leveling must be properly completed before the foundation can be set. Once completed you will have a level and stable basis for a concrete foundation, asphalt or a rock driveway or path.

Our Services

Site preparation services are key for any construction project, as they lay the groundwork for the development of a property. These services can involve the clearing of land, grading, leveling, and generally preparing the site for construction.

We can help you with the following:

  • Clearing Land of vegetation and Rocks
  • Grading for Erosion Control and Potential Drainage Issues
  • Site Leveling for a Firm Foundation

We take your projects seriously and will provide professional services with great value. We are insured, licensed and bonded for your protection and peace of mind. We offer free, no-obligation estimates for your site preparation needs. We use professional grade equipment to get the job done efficiently.

Why You May Need Site Preparation Services


Residential landowners may require site preparation services when building a new home, shop, driveway, sports surfaces or other special use buildings on their property. Careful planning is needed to determine the space needed, types of materials to be removed or added and to ensure proper drainage.


Commercial landowners preparing to build structures like warehouses, shops, roads, retail space and more will need to make sure their site is clear of debris, level and ready for building. Once the land is cleared the area can be graded and any drainage issues can be addressed.


Agricultural uses include barn building, shop building, rock or gravel roads. Again, once the land is cleared, graded and drainage issues addressed the construction process can begin. The grading process is also helpful to provide better access for trucks, trailers and tractors to work the land or livestock.